It’s Your Day, MLK

In the post below, I shared a video. It’s four minutes of your time. It’s from nearly 45 years ago. What is said in those four minutes remains pressingly real and relevant today. Below a sampling, all quotes belonging to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In November 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a “sold out” address at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I graduated from this university twice, I work there today and I live in its hometown.

“The problem of economic depravation is a serious problem, it may be the most serious problem that the Negro confronts. We know that there must be basic economic reforms and we know that there must be political actions or political reforms to bring about this economic reform. We do need a lifting of the minimum wage to at least $1.75 an hour … and also legislation to develop massive public works programs to deal with the problem of unemployment …”

Milwaukee’s central city has a jobless rate of 50 percent. Milwaukee Public Schools finds that 80 percent of its 80,000 students live at or below the federal poverty line. Two years ago, the State of Wisconsin sent an $810 million high-speed rail project packing. To other states. The potential for more than 4,700 family-supporting jobs across the state went with it. An international transportation company that relocated in Milwaukee’s central city to manufacture and service the high-speed trains we contracted to build shut down nearly its entire north-side Milwaukee operation in late 2012.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, America. Happy Inauguration Day, too. We have so much work to do. Recipes return tomorrow. Forward.

Dr. King in Milwaukee 1965



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